Chris Cosentino's Gluttony Pants Expand to Fit Your Lack of Self-Control

Chris Cosentino, in the binge-accomodating pants he helped design.
​It's only fitting that Incanto's Chris Cosentino ― a chef known for marrowbone salad, brains risotto, and porchetta ― would be helping to design a pair of pants infused with the gluttonous spirit. As the first entry in its seven-part series of designs based around the Deadly Sins, local online-only clothing company Betabrand is issuing a partly Cosentino-conceived trouser the hue of a roasted chicken's burnished exterior. Along with whimsical, theme-appropriate graphics sewn into the waistband and lining, the pants have three buttons, allowing the serious eater room for gut expansion over the course of dinner.

We're intrigued, but wonder if a truly dedicated and frugal glutton might eschew good taste and just go with baggy sweats or those super-stretchy polyester short-shorts our old basketball coaches wore.

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