Hash Demi-Glace and THC Mashed Potatoes: Meet the Chef of Cannabis Catering

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Peter DaSilva/New York Times
At the Ritz-Carlton, chef Ron Siegel uses a mini bong to infuse quail eggs with cedar smoke. But THC in demi-glace?
Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Chow.com's Joyce Slaton recently chilled with "420 Chef," the Bay Area dude behind Cannabis Catering (420 calls it "the French Laundry of the weed world"). The self-tagged Thomas Keller of THC infuses pot ― sorry, medicine ― into $100-a-person degustations.

First off, no, you can't just call up your smoke buddies and kick back while 420 Chef blows your mind on dishes tweaked with hash demi-glace and THC butter (for mashed potatoes) ― unless your buddies have medical cards. Here's Slaton, quoting 420:

Everyone I cook for has to have a photo ID and a doctor's recommendation ... or an actual medical marijuana card. ... What I do is get medicine to people who need it, in a really pleasurable way. I'm trying to make awesome food that's healing.
Ah, 420's serving up the healing, in a series of courses calibrated, he says, to get you as ripped (healed?) as if you'd eaten three clunky dorm brownies, but no more.

Slaton, quoting 420 again:

I'm careful about how much THC I put into the foods; I've learned a lot about that with the parties I've done so far. The first one I did, people got so loaded that they literally had to be helped out to their cabs. I want you to be knocked down but I don't want you to not be able to talk or be hallucinating or in a coma with lipstick on your forehead because you can't find your face.
Maybe there is such a thing as too much healing?

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