Bruno's Chefs Reunite for Bar BQ Tartine Dinners

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Jen Siska
The brisket from Bruno's, back when Ryan Ostler was smoking beef there.
Last week, Tablehopper announced that Ryan Ostler was going to be doing a guest chef stint at Bar Tartine, throwing a three- or four-course barbecue dinner on August 23 with his partner, Kat Zacher, who is now Bar Tartine's pastry chef. Reuniting the chefs from Bruno's and Broken Record can only be a good thing, especially if they're serving the ribs that SFoodie editor John Birdsall and I both showered serious love on (and returned several times, off the clock, to eat).

Ostler just emailed SFoodie to say that the August 23 dinner is off, but that he, Zacher, and Bar Tartine chef Chris Kronner are plotting a series of "Bar BQ Tartine" dinners to debut in September. We'll let you know when the details come in.

Bar Tartine: 561 Valencia (at 16th St.), 487-1600.
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