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Bruce Hill's margherita, coming to a neighborhood slightly nearer you.

Highlights from the blogs this week:

1. The imminent arrival of yet another wave of pizzerias ― Zero Zero, Ragazza, Una Pizza Napoletana, Antica Pizzeria Napoletana, not to mention something from ex-Flour + Water pizzaiolo Jon Darsky ― has been greeted with as much eye-rolling as it has excitement. But Pizzeria Picco and Zero Zero's chef-owner, Bruce Hill, told our John Birdsall this week he's not worried about pizza fatigue -- at least in SOMA, where Zero Zero is opening. "Every neighborhood could support an artisanal pizzeria," he says. Well, when he puts it that way...

2. Thanks to SF Cart Project's Matthew Cohen for speaking frankly to me about how much it costs to get the proper city permits a food truck. Ten thousand dollars plus a ton of research to make sure no one is selling anything remotely similar in a two-block radius? Kind of takes the romance out of the idea of buying a taco truck, doesn't it? That said, since this week's review of seven new taco trucks has come out, SFoodie has learned of TWO more. Check the blog next week for details.

Tamara Palmer
3. Tamara Palmer scores the kind of gig that makes a restaurant critic envious: Judging the pie contest at SF Food Wars. That the blue-ribbon winner, a blackberry lemon chess pie, earned both her approval and the public's vote, makes the win even sweeter.

4. Dear ungrateful vegetarians who are speaking up against the roasted vegetable sandwich: How dare you demand variety? First you agitate for restaurants to serve veg entrees that take more work than slopping a couple of side dishes onto a plate, and now you're going after cafe owners and sandwich makers. What are you trying to do, incite creativity? 

5. Bite o' the week: First, I inhaled the white peaches I picked in Brentwood last weekend. Then the nectarines began disappearing, the kitchen loud with that weird, ratcheting slurp-bite sound that happens with ultra-juicy fruit. Tonight, I have plans for the cling peaches. Hope the FDA hasn't set any kind of maximum daily allowance for stone fruit.

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