The Pizzette Spark at Chow

Trevor Adams
The relationship-saving prosciutto.
Fear not, clueless S.F. singles: SFoodie's "Date Like A Gay Guy" serves up night-out advice designed to make you as irresistible as some hunky bear at the Eagle beer bash, whatever your sexual persuasion.

A relationship can drone on without igniting the necessary spark to keep it burning. Wondering about what to do for dinner with your no-longer-quite-as-special someone can be daunting, but you could skip the lazy, order-in-pizza option and pounce on the opportunity to do something a little less than ordinary at Chow on Church.

Chow is justly celebrated as a reliable neighborhood restaurant serving classic comfort food since 1997. Sure, we've all been to Chow for spaghetti and meatballs. But there's one simple dish that just might charm your fading lover: the wood-fired pizzette.

Our favorite, the prosciutto ($10.75), is a well-crafted mini pizza still big enough for splitting (pizzas come in a larger size, too, but nothing says don't sleep with me like hauling out a box of leftovers). Its 8 to 10 inches come abundantly blanketed with paper-thin slices of prosciutto and arugula above a nicely bubbly crust. The state of a pizza's crust is everything, and Chow's puts "properly tossed" to the test. We've never had a soggy one.

Of course, the casualness of pizza could end up leaving you a casualty on a date early on in a relationship. (Do we have to spell it out? You won't get sex.) But SFoodie has faith in Chow's pizzettes to brighten up a flagging relationship, especially on the heated patio, where dining al fresco can be serenely romantic (as opposed to the main dining room, where the noise level rivals an arena full of gays at a Ricky Martin concert.) Chow's pizzette can put the ah back in pizza night.

Chow 215 Church St. (at Market), 552-2469.

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