Social Kitchen and Brewery's Artisan Cheese Night

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Monteillet Fromagerie's Larzac.
​Three months ago, as Social Kitchen and Brewery was gearing up to open, brewmaster Rich Higgins told us about his plans to organize events designed to promote both beer education and conviviality. No pussyfooter he, Higgins now hosts German beer culture nights at the beginning of every week at the Inner Richmond Sunset brewpub. Having nothing to do with fräuleins in dirndls or hassling the Hoff, every Monday is Köln night, featuring stange after stange of the Rhineland capital's native style, Kölsch. Tuesdays are Düsseldorf night, with that city's indigenous style ― Altbier ― in the starring role. The celebrations last from 6-10 p.m.. with comped German apps during the first hour.

Social Kitchen then leaked word of its monthly beer dinners, on the first Wednesday of the month. And tomorrow, behold La Fromagère and Der Braumeister, an artisan cheese and beer pairing. Monteillet Fromagerie cheese maker Jessica Sennet, a veteran of creameries from Alsace to our very own Cowgirl Creamery, will join Higgins in pairing the following five house-made yum-yums:

• Soft-ripened Larzac, with grape-leaf ash center, paired with Old Time Alt
• Chèvre Provençal, marinated in olive oil and herbs, paired with L'Enfant Terrible Belgian-style dark ale
• La Fleur du Midi, rolled in smoked and spicy paprika and sea salt, paired with Lazy Hazy Hefeweizen
• Soft-ripened La Reine Blanche, a dense and creamy goat- and sheep-milk cheese, paired with Rapscallion Belgian-style golden ale

How will we ever go back to Social's obaster cheese spread again? And moreover, whether it'll be artisan sausage night, exotic chocolates night, or maybe even Belgian waterzooi night, anyone care to guess what Higgins will launch next?

La Fromagère and Der Braumeister Artisan Cheese and Beer Pairing
When: Thurs., July 29, 5:30-7 p.m.
Where: Social Kitchen and Brewery, 1326 Ninth Ave. (at Irving), 681-0330.
Cost: $20
Reservations: Call 681-0330 after 3 p.m.

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