Chocolate Orgasms via Sneezing? Ahhhh-choo!

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Assortment of Recchiuti chocolates: Sex in a box?
​Sex toy (and chocolate) makers, take note: Apparently there's a new way to get an orgasm going, and it revolves around the achoo.

According to New York food writer Jessie Cacciola, some chocoholics regularly experience sneezing that registers as orgasmic. Truffle-munchers' sudden toe-curling reactions are not the usual ooohing and ahhing over their favorite Recchiuti bonbons. At The Atlantic online today, Cacciola reports on the phenom known as "orgasm of the face," non-allergy sneezing that happens when certain people eat chocolate. Cacciola says this orgasm-sneeze is "triggered by a foreign particle, which releases histamines into your system so it can rid itself of the allergen. But an overstimulation of any kind, be it toxic or enjoyable, can produce the same reaction." Chocolate is the trigger for the orgasm of the face, although mint and bright lights are also thought to be causes.

Scientists call the reaction a photic sneeze reflex. More study might be called for, though that shouldn't be a problem. We're pretty sure it'd be easy to find research subjects for a study that includes the word "orgasm."

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