Papito Esta Abriendo, Viva Goa Lives!, Plum Ripens

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​The past 24 hours in gossip, innuendo, and cold hard facts about the San Francisco restaurant scene.

At Inside Scoop, Paolo L. reports that Papito (317 Connecticut, 695-0147, should finally open on Friday for dinner. And although Papito comes from Chez Papa owner Jocelyn Bulow, who's brought one of his Papa cooks to run it, Papito is not -- let us repeat, not -- a Nopa/Nopalito copycat. The pitch: a 17-seater serving organic, possibly Oaxaca-focused Mexican food from chef Rodolfo Castellanos Reyes.

Chowhound duchess Melanie W. spots Viva Goa (2420 Lombard, 440-2600, in the Marina. The pitch: menu with Indian standards and quite a few dishes unique to Goa, the Southern Indian coastal state.

Another Paolo L. inside scoop: Plum, the Daniel Patterson (Coi)-meets-Jeremy Fox (ex-Ubuntu) mashup, is not due to open in downtown Oakland until this fall. But starting next week, Fox and co. are launching a Monday-night series of weekly preview dinners at Il Cane Rosso. The pitch: four courses for $45 and NO RESERVATIONS, which SFoodie predicts will result in clusterfuck. If you have any strings you can pull to get a table, better start yanking 'em hard.

More Inside Scoop intel: Concession rights for the revamped Stow Lake Boathouse are going to the Ortega Family, who have brought on Fish and Farm's most recent ex-chef, Chad Newton, to take on the menu. The pitch: sustainable Shake Shack.

Some leftover business from yesterday's gossip overload: Marcia G. at Tablehopper reported that the third branch of Little Star Pizza is opening in Albany (1175 Solano Ave., 510-526-7827) this week, going head to head with Zachary's. That's bold. The pitch: deep-dish pizza.

And one last piece of information from Jay B. at Grub Street: SF Cafe (1161 Mission) was open, and now it isn't. Will it open again? No one can say.

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