Bacon Banh Mi from Cafe Dolci

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Bacon banh mi ($4.35).

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cafe Dolci, a downtown coffee stand that serves banh mi and packages of spring rolls and sticky rice at lunch, is just big enough for the owners to pirouette around each other behind the counter. The quickest way to find the restaurant's demure doorway isn't to read awnings but to look for the thicket of business people rooted to the sidewalk out front, waiting for their number to be called.

Michael K./Yelp
While reading "bacon banh mi" on the signboard rings a Pavlovian bell loud enough to hear across the Bay, the actual sandwich is a little less id-stoking. The bacon turns out to be pork belly, brushed in a pinkish, sweetish marinade and then slow-roasted and sliced across the grain. The tender meat is mild enough to give the pickled carrots, daikon sticks, and cilantro tufts heaped over it precedence. It's there for succulence, not smoke and crunch, and that it provides in full.

Cafe Dolci 740 Market (at Grant), 392-9222.

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Cafe Dolci

740 Market, San Francisco, CA

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