Liqueur de Violettes, a Rockin' Tipple from Tempus Fugit

Tamara Palmer
​Now, we're far from a spirits expert, but we did know that Tempus Fugit is a rock star in that world. We learned this via an interview last year with the incomparable Marilyn Manson, in which he informed us that Mansinthe, his very own brand of absinthe, was a collaboration with the Petaluma-based company. At a recent amaro tasting in the gorgeous CHOW kitchen, we had a chance to try TF's forthcoming Liqueur de Violettes. Imagine a liqueur that would actually be delightful on the rocks, or as a component of a cocktail. There's little more to this than sugar, French violets, and alcohol, and just a few sips left us dizzily daydreaming on possibilities for drinks, sauces, and syrups. Fingers crossed, it could be on the market by fall.

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