Heading to the East Bay for the Fourth? Here's Where to Eat

Maybe the line at Bakesale Betty in Temescal won't be quite so fierce Sunday. Then again...
​Going East-Bay al fresco for the holiday weekend? Lake Temescal, Tilden: They'll be crowded, for sure, but a hell of a lot more bucolic than Dolores.

• Picnickers looking to Oakland for outsourcing the cooking love can go full Bakesale Betty for its rightfully famous fried chicken sandwiches and delectable strawberry shortcake. Set your hunger GPS on the Temescal neighborhood Sunday ― that's the only Betty location that'll be open. You might want to stock up, Hoarders style: Both Bakesale Betty locations are closed on Monday, July 5.

All you need to know about Lake Chalet: There are cocktails.
​• If the weekend's flurry of food and "family time" leave you craving a room with a (lakeside) view and a steady stream of cocktails, Oakland's Lake Chalet has rezzys on OpenTable for the Fourth. The restaurant's 3-6-9 Pumphouse happy hour runs daily, 3-6 p.m., and again at 9 p.m. till closing. Beer-battered onion rings, ceviche, and spicy chicken wings are on offer alongside Chalet ales, cocktails, and wine.

• House-made natural sodas from
Amanda's, brownies and other chocolate goodies from
the Xocolate Bar, and tri-tip from
Big Ed's Buzzard BBQ are vendor-list standouts for Berkeley's all-day Fourth of July party at the Marina. There'll also be cheese samples from the Tillamook Love Loaf Tour, and a predictable assortment of meat-on-sticks, funnel cakes, and other fried items from the usual carny vendors. The views for 9:30 p.m. fireworks are on offer. Booze, however, is not.

Bakesale Betty 5098 Telegraph (at 51st St.), (510) 985-1213.
Lake Chalet Seafood Bar and Grill 1520 Lakeside (at 17th St.), (510) 208-5253.
Berkeley Marina Fourth of July South Shore, Berkeley Marina, noon-10 p.m.

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