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Webber and Anderson.
Our favorite morsel from the Web.

Like millions of Americans this weekend, Chow hounds Lessley Anderson and Roxanne Webber are on the road, but not on some pack-the-car-with-Doritos-and-bed-pillows excursion to the lake. No, the Chow.com editorial team is in search of culinary innovation in three cities: New York, L.A., and San Francisco. Of course, since they're stabled at Chow HQ in SOMA, they could've done S.F. in an afternoon with a Muni pass, but that's not important. What is important, they explain, is ― well, we'll late Webber take it from here:

During the next three weeks, we'll be exploring San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York for this edition of the CHOW Tour.... Our goal is to seek out innovation, a vague term if ever there was one.
Vagueness probed here:
About that innovation thing: We're not just going to cover spherified kumquat juice and other molecular gastronomy tricks (though they will have a place). We've had some interesting debates about whether certain places qualify as innovative, and the bottom line seems to be that there are tons of ways people are getting creative with food right now, from mashing up different cuisines to handing out free vegetables at a farm stand so low-income people have access to organic produce. And others seem to be finding ways to present old dishes in a way that gives them new life.
Now, we're not positive, but it seems that Anderson and Webber have scored a Lexus ― the company's an odyssey sponsor.

So far, they've steered it to parking spaces in the Mission (Dynamo, Heart), SOMA (Terroir, Spencer on the Go), and at the Ferry Building (though, technically, we're guessing they had to park in SOMA and walk).

The value of a project like this is in the aggregation ― it'll be interesting to read what food trends they can abstract from the sum of cities. But honestly? It's only been a day, and there have to be doughnut crumbs, curried frog leg residue, the ramen noodle that got away, sloshed coffee, and taco meats ground into the carpeting of that Lexus. You figure, after three weeks, the resale value is going to be nil. Here's hoping it'll have been worth the trashing.

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