In Which Burger Bloggers (and Chevy) Take Us on a Crosstown Tour

Tamara Palmer
Joe's Cable Car burger.
​Following up a great local street-food tour in March, we were invited on the second San Francisco installment of Chevrolet's "Best of Tours." This one was dedicated to the pursuit of burgery, a crosstown route curated by Drew Harmon and the lively "burgerventurers" at the San Francisco Hamburger Blog. We began at Red's Java House on the Embarcadero, headed to the Mission to Joe's Cable Car, and finished at Sea Breeze Cafe in the Outer Sunset.

As much as we enjoyed eavesdropping on the advanced burgerventurer lingo (like viscosity and striation of meat), we were admittedly a bit disappointed at Harmon's admission that the stops he selected weren't his actual favorite burger joints in town, or even places he'd been to before, but instead represented places in vastly different neighborhoods that his readership had requested he cover.

That must have explained the mixed results on our stomach. Of the three, we wouldn't return to Red's for anything other than a bottle of water and the stellar view. We enjoyed hearing about how Sea Breeze went on a quest to make an un-soggy burger; they've succeeded, but it's not a destination burger. However, if, like us, you're ever driven past that "Joe Grinds His Own Fresh Chuck Daily" sign, wondering if it's worth stopping, we can now say that it is, provided you have a high tolerance for neon and mirrors.

Even with the uneven offerings, we had good fun on the ride, alternating between a ginormous Silverado hybrid pickup and a sleek, two-door Camaro.

Check out Chevy's video of the tour:

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Joe's Cable Car

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