Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Lager: Party Like It's 1919

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​With speakeasies, Savoy cocktails, and other early-20th century booze culture touchstones back in action, it's only natural beer should get roaring. We got our first taste of MillerCoors' new Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Lager at the First Annual Giants Brewfest, an event showcasing local craft beers ('cept that the "Pre-Pro" Lager is neither craft nor locally brewed).

San Francisco is one of five select test markets for this new product, which claims to be a replica of a recipe brewed by Coors before the onset of national Prohibition struck in 1920 (Colorado, home of the Adolph Coors Co., enacted statewide prohibition in 1916). This honey-colored, vanilla-sweet beer with a suggestion of hop bite in the aftertaste can be found on draft only at five city saloons ― The Parlor, McTeague's, 83 Proof, Hotel Utah, Lush Lounge ― and at The Brit down in San Jose.

MillerCoors says the recipe is an exact replica of one recently rediscovered in a brewer's recipe log, but the malted grains and hops are merely educated guesses in replicating the flavor, especially considering Batch 19 does contain some corn. It's a little hard to imagine a mouthfeel this clean in the Pre-Pro era, but, compared to other American premium lagers, this doesn't offend the way its 21st century brethren do.

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Lush Lounge

1221 Polk, San Francisco, CA

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