Anthony Bourdain Weeps for What?

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John Birdsall
No. 7, pho bo tai nam, from My Father's Kitchen on Divis.
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CNN's Eatocracy concluded Nicole Dow's two-part Q and A with Anthony Bourdain today. Yesterday, the man-craggy TV host described returning to Lebanon (his No Reservations production crew had to scramble out in 2006, when the war between Israel and Hezbollah broke out in mid-taping ― read Bourdain's glancing descriptions of shimmering sfiah and kibbe).

Dow probed the personal Tony today, asking him about eating with family, the one he had ("like 'Mad Men,' that era of the family meal"), and the one he has, three-year-old daughter Ariane who even sits patiently through oysters at French brasseries. Then this:

[Dow]: What is the last meal you had that made you cry? Bourdain: Every time I have that first bowl of pho' in Vietnam, I tear up a little.

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