Zaytoon Opens, House of Shields Kicks Out the Bands

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The last 24 hours in rumor, innuendo, and straight-out facts about restaurant openings and closings in San Francisco.

Mission Loc@l
reports a few facts: That Zaytoon Mediterranean Wraps (1136 Valencia, opened yesterday. That babaghanoush flowed like ... that babaghanoush flowed like ... well, that it's open from 11 a.m.-10 p.m. daily. SFoodie has collectively passed by the storefront a dozen times and thought, Hunh, that's an attractive place ― wonder when it's going to open? Now it has. More will be revealed.

We're still promising you a Dennis Leary buzz roundup, but in the meantime we figured that we should pass along yesterday's blog post from our sister blog, All Shook Down, about the Canteen and Sentinel owner's newest purchase: House of Shields. While food people are looking forward to what Leary will do with the downtown bar, he's putting a halt to the rock shows. Musicians are what our mother used to call PO'd. And that means pretty angry.

Summer vacations in the four-star realm: Daniel Patterson (@dcpatterson) says Coi's closed from now until July 6, when he'll introduce an entirely new menu; Eater reports that Masa is doing the same July 4-19, and is doing some kind of leftovers promotion on July 3.

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