What to Have for Lunch: Cuban Sandwich from Goza-Goza

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Jonathan Kauffman
Goza-Goza's no-nonsense, cheese-filled Cuban sandwich ($6).
Thursday, June 4, 2010

We confess ourselves taken with San Francisco's enduring Cuban sandwich fixation, one taken up by both forces at work in the food scene ― the facifiers and the gut-bombers ― and already the subject of a 2005 SF Weekly review. This week, we walked by Goza-Goza taco truck at Townsend and Fifth Street, and the smell of roast pork pulsing from the window caused us to do a double take. Goza-Goza does most of the taco-truck staples, but the guy who runs it is Cuban, so he's added guayabaya licuados and Cuban sandwiches. It's a workingman's Cubano, served on a soft bun, warmed but not pressed, and glued together with melted cheese. In fact, we'd swear it was the best Quizno's sandwich we'd ever tasted, except for that pork ― slow roasted, moist, and porkier than anything a chain would dare serve.

Goza-Goza Taco Truck Parked weekdays,10 a.m.-4 p.m., on Townsend and Fifth St., 574-6608.

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