The Debut of the Weird Fish Taco Bike

Tamara Palmer
Weird Fish proprietor Timothy Holt and his new taco bike.
​A dream more than two years in the making, Weird Fish owner Timothy Holt debuted his new taco bike (and coordinating light blue "taco jacket") on the streets of the Mission on Friday. He began on 18th Street, went out to Dolores Park, and ended up at "Street Food Fridays" at Fabric8.

"And what a maiden voyage!" he exclaimed, a bright smile lighting up his face.

A 2008 entry on the Weird Fish blog shows the bones of a type of taco bike. But it wasn't until Holt met Santa Rosa-based artist/engineer Todd Barricklow last year at the Great Handcar Regatta that the idea would be fully realized. Exceeded, even.

Tamara Palmer
The taco bike's rear features a dining area.
​We read via Tablehopper that Bite Club Eats has a diagrammed breakdown and all the specs of Barricklow's creation, which includes a hand-washing station with hot water, divided griddle to keep seafood away from vegan items while cooking, a slot for hands-free collection of money, and a cute dining area with a condiment station of Weird Fish's "suspicious sauces."

We enjoyed our first taco bike fish taco, made with tilapia and piled with cilantro, sour cream, and thick jalapeƱo slices. But it was the purple cabbage Holt had picked the day before from his and girlfriend Naomi Brilliant's Healdsburg-based Roshambo Farms that was the unexpected star.

Tamara Palmer
Seitan tacos.
​As for operating hours, "I'm aiming for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday," Holt told SFoodie. He added that it probably wouldn't be every weekend, though, since he will likely be the only person imbued with the power to wear the taco jacket.

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