Taqueria San Francisco: Worth a Trek Down the Taco Trail

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A satisfyingly plush tube.
Taqueria San Francisco sits at the end of what we think of as the Taco Trail ― the bustling, masa-and-beans-fraught stretch of 24th Street between Mission and Potrero.

Fording the array of enticing offerings to find one's meaty match is a tough task considering that, when it comes to burrito design, each hungry pioneer's proclivities vary so dramatically. Does one pause after a few short blocks for a steak-and-prawn silo at Guadalajara, or seize a brace of chorizo tacos from Vallarta's roadside stand, or continue still further, to snap up an al pastor burrito with avocado at El Farolito?

Any of those makes for a delicious repast, but a patient seeker might elect to hold out for Taqueria San Francisco's delectable boiled chicken burrito, if only to sample something the crowds flocking to the fine taquerias farther up the strip, closer to Mission, enjoy less frequently: a plush, lightly grill-marked tube, stuffed to the hilt with melted cheese, perky pockets of crema, nuggets of ripe avocado, and the sort of shredded chicken you can tell just fell off a long-stewed bird's well-seasoned carcass.

​Check out Burritophile's 2006 review for an expert's testimonial.

One must trudge a few extra blocks ― way down the corner of 24th and York, close to General Hospital ― but the lines are shorter, and there's soccer on the TV too. And not just during the World Cup.

Taqueria San Francisco 2794 24th St. (at York), 641-1770.

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Taqueria San Francisco

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