Sightglass Coffee Begins Roasting Its Own Beans

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Now a working roaster.
Sightglass Coffee, Jerad and Justin Morrison's already-cult coffee roasting company, has been operating a kiosk out of the entryway of its roastery and future cafe on Seventh and Folsom for almost a year now. While the building is still under construction ― and Jerad just told SFoodie opening day is still a ways off ― the Morrisons tweeted yesterday that they've begun roasting their own beans. Up until now, they've been serving and distributing coffee from Verve in Santa Cruz.

The first batches have gone to the new Hooker's Sweet Treats shop, and Richie Nakano's going to be selling their iced coffee, with boba (tapioca balls), tomorrow at the debut of his Hapa Ramen Ferry Plaza farmers' market stand.

Jerad, who worked for Blue Bottle and Four Barrel before going off on his own, says that the Seventh Street kiosk is still working through the last of its Verve coffee; Monday is the projected day for the stand to switch to Sightglass beans. The Morrisons' line, to start with, includes a half-dozen single-estate beans and its "Owl's Howl" blend.

Early adopters and coffee geeks, you have a few other outlets to score a taste of the first batches of Sightglass Coffee: Outerlands, Comstock Saloon, and Matching Half (whose coffee program Sightglass set up). To keep up with the roastery as it expands distribution, follow its Twitter feed, @sightglass.

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