Sake Names That Sound Like Band Names

"Mansion of Dreams" could be the next chillwave blog darlings.
​I recently found myself wandering around True Sake, the Hayes Valley dealer of fine rice wines, staring at bottles of transparent liquid with gorgeous labels I could not understand. My friends were at the time discussing the merits of various types of sake ― a conversation to which I could add nothing except dumb questions.

So, kinda bored, I started reading the tags on each bottle, which translated the Japanese sake names into English. From this I learned two things: 1) That the folks who named these sakes had a few bottles in them before going to work that day; and 2), that sakes have amazingly colorful names. So colorful that, were I looking to name a band, I might steal or take very deep inspiration from them. Here are a few sake names that caught my eye, along with what kind of band should have that name and what sort of wine it (the sake, not the band) tastes like:

Sake name: "Demon Slayer" (Watake Onikoroshi)
Tastes like: White Burgundy or Merlot
Band genres: Death metal, Christian metal, or really any kind of metal

Trippy: "Eternal Tree on the Moon"
Sake name: "Mansion of Dreams" (Masumi Yumedono)
Tastes like: Dry Chardonnay or soft red
Band genres: Hip-hop, prog-metal, chillwave, house

Sake name: "Mirror of Truth" (Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri)
Tastes like: Dry Chardonnay
Band genres: Straight-edge hardcore, political punk

Sake name: "Eternal Tree on the Moon" (Tsukino Katsura)
Tastes like: Pinot Noir or French Chardonnay
Band genres: New Age, jam band, trance

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