Mission Street Food Floats Final Thursday Menu

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Danny Bowien.
​Danny Bowien made it official today: Thursday night's wrap-up Mission Street Food will be a celebration of seafood (Bowien's leaving town soon to celebrate his nuptials in South Korea). At lunch at Lung Shan yesterday, Bowien was engaged in MSF menu discussions with Anthony Myint at Lung Shan Restaurant; the two were spotted leaving for dim sum at Koi Palace with a crew of (male) friends. Before leaving, Bowien confided that he had "almost" decided to serve one last batch of Mission burgers on Memorial Day, but decided not to.

Bowien's e-mail to us quoted the MSF website:

This Thursday is the second to last MSF and our final Thursday dinner service. We're honoring the occasion by celebrating the upcoming wedding between Danny Bowien and Youngmi Mayer. Danny is pulling out all the stops with a wedding banquet menu replete with extravagances, and a portion of the proceeds will go towards the wedding festivities. So if you're a fan of love, seafood or milk fed veal tartare then please join us. We'll be open late for any industry visitors who want to stop by after service for Danny, Youngmi or MSF.
Scan the menu at Mission Street Food and plan accordingly.

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