Kauffman's Five: This Week in Blogging

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A few of my favorite blog posts from the week:

1. As anyone who's hit Portland or Austin's food-cart strips knows, the appeal of a street-food vendor's single-subject approach is amplified ― exponentially ― when a passel of carts come together. Matt Cohen, La Cocina, and a few other organizers have finally gotten city approval to found Off the Grid, a mobile night market. It's a mobile food court, sans Panda Express.

2. Bite o' the week: Lunch Geek's Taiwanese meatball sandwich with pickled greens and spinach ― the midpoint between lion's head meatballs and a sloppy sub. I'm looking forward to this new direction in which the owners are taking their sustainable sandwich shop.

3. I remember ― vaguely ― turning up my nose at the Zim's on the corner of Van Ness and Market when I moved here, and then like a good liberal, feeling guilty when it was replaced with a Rite Aid. Tamara Palmer has much sweeter memories of Zim's (RIP). Add your own.

T. Adams
4. SFoodie realized it was Pride Time when we received a rainbow-colored candy lei from a company hoping to capitalize on the gays. Rather than hunt down more multicolored food options, our newest contributor, Trevor Adams, has decided to celebrate Pride by canvassing the Castro, which is seeing an upsurge of new dining options. His first find: the mac 'n' cheese at Cafe Flore.

5. Father's Day doesn't need to just be for the dads. On Sunday, Hayes Valley Farm is offering to take a photo of your baby daddy/daddies on the farm, dressed up in overalls and shit-kicker boots, with the kids. I suppose this is supposed to be adorable, but it's also hawt. (Not the kids part.)

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