Jell-O Mold Competition Dares to Dream Beyond the Shot

Raphael Brion/Eat Me Daily
Jell-O caviar, an entry in last year's contest.
​From molded salads that wowed 1950s dinner parties to Bill Cosby's Jigglers and vividly colored "shots" sucked out of flimsy paper cups by Jersey Shore cast members, Jell-O is an enduring cultural phenomenon, one that has far transcended its gastronomical limitations. In a few weeks, Brooklyn's Gowanus Studio will (for the second time) celebrate the quivering wonderfood with a design competition pitting expert molders against one another for supremacy in the following categories: Creativity, Aesthetics, Structural/Sculptural Ingenuity, Edibility/Culinary Appeal, and Best Use and Showcase of Jell-O. This public event happens at Gowanus Studio Space (166 7th St. in Brooklyn) on the evening of June 26, so unless you're traveling (and willing to carry your creation onto a plane or work in someone's strange, cramped kitchen) you might want to just tell your NYC friends ― quickly, since registration ends today. Entrants will compete for a grand prize package that includes $400 in cash. We're anticipating molds corresponding to current events: oil tankers, Barack Obama's likeness, and lime-green soccer fields.

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