Hapa SF Announces Filipino Pop-Up at La Victoria

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The mobile food vendor's taking it sit-down for one night in August.
Update: Details about the new date, menu for Hapa SF's pulutan pop-up.

It's more than a month out, but word comes that Hapa SF chef William Pilz will do a night of contemporary Filipino dishes at La Victoria on 24th Street in the Mission. On August 6 14, Pilz will oversee a menu that, right now anyway, looks like it'll consist of about a dozen small plates, priced $5-$7 each. Highlights include dilis (fried little whole fish, most likely smelts); Hapa's prime-pork sisig; ukoy made with Star Route Farms beets and mackerel with spiced vinegar; kinilaw; "adidas," i.e. fried chicken feet, possibly from Soul Food Farm; and turon, made with plantain and TCHO ganache. Plans call for all seating to be walk-in, with casual table service. Scan the complete menu after the jump, but keep in mind that some dishes and ingredients are likely to change between now and August 6 14.

Jun Belen
Sisig from Hapa SF.
​Probable menu:
• Sinigang with tamarind-infused vegetable broth
• Adobo-seasoned nuts
• Dilis, crispy small fish
• Classic lumpia Shanghai
• Ukoy (see above)
• Kinilaw, made with market fish and seasonal with citrus marinade
• Chicken skewers
• Adobo "flakes": shredded, deep-fried chicken pieces, served over rice, possibly with egg
• "Adidas" (see above)
• Fried garlic rice
• Longaniza, pork sausage balls
• Halo-halo (shaved ice with market fruits)
• Turron

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