Frozen Dessert Ladies Twirl and Dip Make Their Street-Food Debut

Tamara Palmer
Twirl and Dip's Siri Skelton hoists a strawberry tart fruitsicle. Peep the strawberry silhouette.
Twirl and Dip made its public debut yesterday on a lovely Emeryville afternoon, carting as a guest of Korean tacos-n-more truck Seoul on Wheels. Meg Hilgartner and Siri Skelton are the first of the new wave vendors that we can think of that will be using both a cart and a truck in their adventures in mobile food. The cart will offer treats like "fruitsicles" and ice cream sandwiches, while the truck will be equipped with soft serve and "deconstructed" sandos (i.e., two cookies in a bowl with ice cream). The idea of a combination of ice cream and fruitsicle is also being discussed.

Tamara Palmer
​We tried blueberry and peach Riesling fruitsicles, lingering slowly to appreciate what a wonderful year we're having for both berries and stone fruit. We were excited that the temperature and consistency of the pops was just right, offering give to the bite without sending shockwaves of cold through sensitive teeth. It was then on to the big leagues. Two intense chocolate cookies sandwiched vanilla ice cream, a fine specimen, but Hilgartner and Skilton both wondered why customers were gravitating more towards a version with chocolate chip cookies.

Twirl and Dip has submitted a proposal to San Francisco Rec and Park to vend in one of the city's parks or public spaces, but have yet to secure a location. We'll keep you posted on their progress.

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