Five Foods Everybody Likes

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It's been scientifically proven via limited e-mail research within the SF Weekly offices that there are some foods that everyone likes, no matter what. Here are five of them.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate has been around since before Christ. Studies have linked chocolate consumption to cardiovascular health, lowering high blood pressure, and enhanced cognitive performance. Informal studies conducted worldwide have linked it to being delicious. Johnny Depp starred in an entire movie about it. Chocolate is literally the only thing that keeps comic-strip character Cathy from killing herself every day. Everyone likes chocolate.

2. New York Style Pizza
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If bread, cheese, and tomato sauce met in a land where bigamy was allowed and fell in love and got married, you would have pizza. Pizza is the only thing that keeps many New Yorkers alive. The Italians may have invented pizza, but New Yorkers perfected it as something you could sell out of a window and fight over the comparative quality of, even though all of it tastes exactly the same. Pizza boys are revered as sexual icons. Everyone likes pizza.

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