Anthony Bourdain's Coming to Ferry Plaza Tomorrow. Leave Your Drugs at Home

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But bring your slavish adoration.
​Anthony Bourdain will be in the San Francisco Bay Area for one day only ― tomorrow. Leave your bags of weed and coke at home, please. The best way to catch sight of him? In the morning, at Book Passage in the Ferry Building. The event starts at 10 a.m. but it's a safe bet you'll need to arrive as much as one to two hours earlier to secure a spot in line. Wherever the man goes, eager masses show up.

Bourdain will be signing copies of Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook (Ecco, $26.99). In the book, he takes aim at St. Alice Waters: "However quaint the concept, homeland security is still about keeping suicidal mass murderers from flying planes into our fucking buildings. And organic school lunches might be more important to you than crime in the streets in Berkeley ― but in the underfunded school systems of West Baltimore, I suspect, they feel differently. A healthy lunch is all fine and good ― but no use at all to Little Timmy if he gets shot to death on the way to school." Ouch.

In San Jose, a fan shows Tony his tattoo thigh portrait.
​Gael Greene, Wolfgang Puck, and Alain Ducasse are also sources of sharp disdain for Bourdain. He dishes up praise for those he likes, such as Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, Fergus Henderson, Jonathan Gold, Wylie Dufresne, and a quick shout-out to Offal Prince Chris Cosentino. Bourdain is also appearing at a sold-out lunch at S.F.'s Il Fornaio, and a dinner (again, sold out) in Marin at the Left Bank, a book-tour standby.

This SFoodie has been in public with Bourdain often enough to predict what may go down: tatted, crazy chefs will go bug eyed at the prospect of bowing down to their Kitchen God. Ladies aged 14 to 85 will fall all over themselves and giggle uncontrollably, even swoon when Tony puts his arm around them for a pic. He is an addict (a topic he covers, again, in Medium Raw) but ― be warned ― any packets of dope offered by overeager fans will ultimately end up in the hands of his media handler.

Book Passage Ferry Building Book Signing with Tony Bourdain
When: Thurs., June 17, 10 a.m.
Where: Book Passage Bookstore, 1 Ferry Building (at Embarcadero), #42, 835-1020
Cost: Free, but you'll need to purchase a book ($26.99 plus tax) to get Bourdain's signature

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Book Passage

1 Ferry Building Ste. 42, San Francisco, CA

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