What to Have for Lunch Today: Acme's Green Garlic Sandwich

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Steph L./Yelp
This sandwich may look understuffed...
Mon., May 3, 2010

Toro E./Yelp
Not everyone appreciates the Ike's approach to overstuffing a sandwich. Leave it to Acme Bread Company to let the bread ― not the condiments ― shine. Every day, the bakery's Ferry Building location sells three or four prewrapped sandwiches for $5.15 apiece: cheese, jam, and arugula, say, or this little number with goat cheese, roast peppers, and green garlic thinly applied to a six-inch length of sweet baguette. It's not like the filling disappears into the sandwich ― every bite brings forth the fecund bite of garlic shoots, the rustic tang of goat cheese, the sweetness of the roast pepper strips. But it also starts with the bright crack of teeth meeting golden crust. And you remember just how many Acme baguettes you've bought for dinner, ripping off a chunk on the way back from the store just to snack on, and somehow ended up in a bread-drunk fugue, shivering yourself back into alertness only after you'd downed half the loaf. Great bread doesn't need honey mustard or dirty sauce.

Acme Bread Company Ferry Building Marketplace #15, 288-2978

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Acme Bread Co.

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