What to Have for Lunch: Green Chile Kitchen's Christmas Burrito (in May)

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Jonathan Kauffman
If you want a star on that, you'll have to bring your own.
Weds., May 19, 2010

No matter how ginormous, no matter how loosely wrapped, there is only one circumstance under which San Francisco etiquette permits a diner to eat her burrito with knife and fork: when it is smothered in sauce. Or, in the case of Green Chile Kitchen's New Mexican burrito, two sauces. Trevor Logan, the owner of this Western Addition taqueria, grew up in New Mexico and still imports his chiles from the state. His red chile (made with dried ripe peppers) layers a low-grade burn overtop the trifecta of beans, cheese, and meat, while the green chile (made with roasted fresh peppers) adds a vegetal heat tinged with smoke from the skin-charring flames. Ordering a burrito Christmas-style with both sauces costs an extra dollar ― we're not sure why, actually. Even if it reveals us to be indecisive, two-timing flip-floppers, we always do it.

Green Chile Kitchen 1801 McAllister (at Baker), 440-9411.

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Green Chile Kitchen

1801 McAllister, San Francisco, CA

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