Three Food Tips You Might Not Know About AT&T Park

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Enter here: Cheap beer, no line to get into the park.
Three lessons I learned from one of this week's home games against the Nationals. Lincecum was having an off night ― okay, the whole team was having an off night ― which allowed a friend and I to spend six innings touring food stands instead:

1. If you're going to line up to get into the stadium, do it at Public House. Getting a pregame table at Traci Des Jardins' remodeled sports bar is nigh impossible, but the bar has one of the city's more interesting beer selections, and all draft beers can be served in plastic cups that you can take inside. At $6, Anchor Steam and Stella cost $3 less than most of the beers inside, and I picked up a glass of Magnolia's Billy Sunday cask-aged bitter for $8 and a toffee-esque dark lager from Port Brewing for $8.50, then walked straight into the ballpark.

Go Hebrew or go home.
2. If you go up the escalator to the concourse level from the Willie Mays entrance, right at the top is the park's only Hebrew National stand, which isn't listed on the AT&T Park concessions map. The franks (and Polish sausage, if you're that type of eater) are richer, beefier, and altogether better than the no-name dogs served throughout the park.

3. Bribe someone to let you into the Club Level concession area. No lines for the bathroom, no lines for most of the food stands, well-brined turkey breast and decent barbecued brisket at the Carvery stand, and freshly mixed caramel corn. We bought a box of the corn, and it was ridiculously gooey. Disgustingly gooey.
Not feeling the Gilroy garlic fries.
Well, almost disgusting, we decided, as my friend and I shoved the almost-empty container into a drink holder and backed away from it.

Other notes: Wasn't feeling the Gilroy garlic fries ― believe it or not, they could have used more garlic ― and rumors of the return of the lobster roll proved unfounded. One rumor I was unable to confirm: That the nachos delivered to you in the bleachers are better than the ones you pick up at the stalls. This true?

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