Support the Troops ― Send Them French Army Rations

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Baby killers, freedom fighters: Don's ask us to figure out the morality of soldiering. What we do know is that armies run on their stomachs, and that stomachs from different armies have different expectations about how to fill them. For this Memorial Day, we thought we'd offer two glimpses of what soldiers in two very different food cultures expect from their field rations. In the first, a BBCWorldwide clip from 2007, a British journalist enjoys an MRE - meal ready to eat - with American troops in Afghanistan. Remember: Chile mac never lets you down. Or does it?

In this one, we see the contents of a French army ration de combat individuelle, with its navarin de agneau (lamb stew) and caramel. We'd hate to be drafted into any army. But if we were, we know what we'd like to be huddled over an open flame with.

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