Sohberts Switches to the Clever Dripper, Four Barrel Joins In

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Clever, not Clover.
Sometimes we at SFoodie wonder why Sohberts, the Third Wave coffee shop across from the ballpark, and a regular stop en route to the office, isn't packed every hour of the day. (Well, actually, we suspect that it's because the owner believes in quasi-invisible signage.) The cafe serves Equator coffees and has a pretension level of 2/10, not to mention a patch of fake grass with two Adirondack chairs where an afternoon break can segue all too easily into a staycation. Seriously, people, as much as we love Blue Bottle, you will spend less time on the N or T traveling down to Sohberts as you will waiting in line at Blue Bottle's Ferry Building stand.

How can you not want to drink your coffee here?
A few weeks back, we noticed that Sohberts switched from a standard pourover system to a row of pale pink Clever drippers. Made in Taiwan by Abid, the drippers ― basically a giant pourover cone with a pressure-activated stopper at the bottom ― produce a coffee that has the deep, pumped-up body produced by a French press with the clean, grit-free taste of coffee made in a paper-filtered pourover. (Here's a video showing how it works.) Sohberts' Clever brought out tropical-fruit aromas in Equator's Chapada Diamantina that we haven't tasted in any other Brazilian single-estate coffee.

Sohberts isn't the first to get Clever. As Food & Wine mentioned in its "100 Tastes to Try" feature this month, Four Barrel offers Clever drippers as part of its multi-device slow bar and sells the device for $14. In addition, Sweet Maria's in Oakland, which has done the most to publicize the Clever dripper in the United States, also sells it for $13.20 (via mail order unless you can get to the warehouse during the few hours SM's opens to walk-in customers every week).

Sohberts Coffee 144 King (at Second St.)
Four Barrel 375 Valencia (at 14th St.), 252-0800

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