Rhea's Deli Now Doing Bike Delivery

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Rhea's pork katsu sandwich, now appearing in your very own crib.
​See, all you have to do this is call this number and leave a message, and five minutes later, a guy calls you, and asks where you are, and you tell him, and 45 minutes later, he's at your door, trudging up the steps to your apartment, with a backpack full of the finest ― wait, no, that's a different number.

We're so sick of the delivery options in the Mission District that it has made us batty. The real problem is our laziness, but we're not talking about that now. It just seems that every time we're holed up with a must-see sporting event, or we're too sick to walk, Angkor Borei is the only nearby delivery-friendly establishment cooking food we actually want to eat.

It's a good thing
Rhea's, the scrappy deli on the corner of Valencia and 19th, now delivers (via bike) orders of over $10 at no extra cost. Call 282-5255 and tell the sleepy-sounding dude on the phone you're dying for a brace of sandos. We recommend Korean beef and pork katsu. You won't want fries with those, but you might need a friend to help you finish. We also suggest eating sandwiches from Rhea's while standing in the bathtub to minimize drippage.

Rhea's Deli and Grocery 800 Valencia (at 19th St.), 282-5255.

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Rhea's Deli and Grocery

800 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

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