Nong Shim's Shin Ramyun, a Better Instant Ramen

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Luis Chong
The round noodle block perfectly fits a ramen bowl.
​Last month at May Wah Supermarket, we found a new instant spicy ramen: Nong Shim's Shin Ramyun (89 cents each, or a five-pack for $3.99). We were so impressed by this spicy flavor that we later rushed to Pacific Supermarket to buy two cases (20 packs per case) for $11.99 each, best price in town. That means 59 cents per pack for those who can't do the math.

What's so innovative about this packaged ramen? No more squares! The round shape of the block of dry noodles fits in a standard soup bowl, just add water. The whole thing can be microwaved and ready to eat in seven minutes, without any extra pots to wash. The end result of Shin Ramyun ("shin" means "new") is superior to the old Cup Noodlesany ramen aficionado can tell you that the noodles are not the same.

Luis Chong
You'll never crave Cup Noodles again.
​Sorry vegetarians, the soup base contains beef. But you could easily replace that package of powdered soup with a can of vegetable stock. Same thing applies to those allergic to MSG. Just remember to top it off with water, since the noodles need to be submerged to cook properly.

After loading a recent bowl of ramen with some canned corn, tofu, spinach, and roasted pork, we couldn't have been happier with the results. Shin Ramyun can't beat Ramen Dojo's spicy ramen, but it's good enough to warm your tummy on gray, rainy days. This new ramen has earned a permanent spot in our supply of emergency rations, snacks, and goodies.

New May Wah Supermarket
719 Clement (at Eighth Ave.), 221-9826.
Pacific Supermarket 2900 Alemany (at Farragut), 337-1628.

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