Foodie Reportage Roundup for Monday

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Chad Newton's spring salad.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

If Jun Belen's piece on this site about the Asian Culinary Forum's Future of Filipino food wasn't enough Monday-morning culinary reportage for you, here are a few more weekend wrap-ups from blogland:

Foodhoe reports on last week's probing of animal cookery ― that is, London chef Fergus Henderson's guest turn at Incanto. Foodhoe provides all the glistening details of dishes shiny with animal fat. Equal parts gross and lovely.

Don't front: We all know you couldn't afford the $400 ticket for the Star Chefs and Vintners Gala benefit for Meals on Wheels at Fort Mason (neither could we). Bunrabs came up with the dough, however, and has the pics to prove it. Chad Newton's spring salad looks outrageous. Want a taste of next year's glamour ? Just put 30-odd bucks away per month, starting now....

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