Mission Burger's Closing for the Month of June. Then What?

John Birdsall
It couldn't hurt to eat your fill of Mission burgers this month.
​Is Mission Burger closing? Mission Mission opened the throttle on the rumor machine when it floated a tantalizingly opaque post of burger lack at Duc Loi. The truth? Well, sure it's closing. MB fry cook Danny Bowien is leaving at the end of May to get married in Seoul, which means that, yes, no Mission Burger in June. And after that, when Bowien returns and Commonwealth should be due to launch? Well, as Anthony Myint told us last month, new plans are coalescing, but he's not ready to go public. It does sound like, just as Myint told us last month, Mission Street Food could become a once-a-week event. As for Mission Burger? It's probably a good idea to get your fill of the Blumenthalian granulated tower before Bowien leaves to get hitched.

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