Foodzie Test Kitchen Puts Our Chile Crunch Dependency on Ice

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EZ Gaspacho Granita with Chile Colonial's Chile Crunch.
​We bumped into Chile Colonial's Chile Crunch at the Fancy Food Show earlier this year, where it was one of the most memorable local products we found. We've barely stopped eating it since. At the show, Chile Colonial proprietor Susie Hojel, who makes her wares at La Cocina, explained that her fiery flavor combinations are motivated by trying to recapture the tastes of her native Mexico City.

We procured a jar of this sizzling arbol chile, crunchy garlic, and onion condiment the next day and proceeded to throw it on just about everything, from eggs and nachos to chow mein and soup. We eventually ended up just eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon, which is actually highly recommended for heat fanatics.

It was just as we'd given up on the need to create a vehicle for this addiction (other than straight freebasing it) that an easy and inspiring Chile Crunch recipe came along.

Tamara Palmer
Good, even straight out of the jar.
​It arrives courtesy of writer/gobbist Steven Gdula's Test Kitchen at Foodzie, an online artisan marketplace we like to think of as "edible Etsy." His "EZ Gazpacho Granita with Chile Colonial" puts an icy-hot spin on what we've found to be a no-fail condiment with a recipe that anyone who can boil water can execute. It can even be made drastically easier with one key substitution, putting it only half a degree of difficulty over just opening the jar and simply pouring it down your throat.

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