Magic Curry Kart's Latest Special: Panties

Magic Curry Kart
​Even though we know the guy and his sense of humor, we still thought Magic Curry Kart proprietor Brian Kimball was joking all week when he tweeted about the new Magic Curry panties that will be modeled tonight on Linda Street at the one-year-anniversary party for Sexy Soup Cart.

But no! Perhaps taking a lead from Hubert Keller (who offers thongs at his Burger Bar restaurant because why?), these tricked-out American Apparel underpants will indeed strut down the cold alley runway some time tonight, and you can order your very own panties, unisex briefs, or "hot shorts" via the Magic Curry website from now through Tuesday.

If you buy some, will you please send us a picture of you in them so that we can make fun of you check you out?

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Burger Bar

251 Geary, San Francisco, CA

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