Vegan Fast-Food Loving Hut Opens in San Francisco Centre Food Court

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The Loving Hut, an international vegan fast-food chain with one San Francisco branch in Chinatown, just opened up a stall in the ground-floor food court of the San Francisco Centre on Saturday.

Serving less than a dozen East-West dishes in the $5-$9 range ― nuggets of indeterminate provenance, stir-fries, vegan phớ, and tofu sandwiches, much of the food dished out of steam tables ― the stall is a straightforward miniaturization of the larger sit-down restaurant.

For those of you who don't know, the Loving Hut chain (slogan: "Be veg. Go green. Save the planet.") is connected to the same guru behind San Francisco's much loved Golden Era. There are currently Loving Huts in 10 states and 19 countries, including Malaysia, the Czech Republic, and Panama. All of them presumably broadcast the same television channel.

Whatever you think about Supreme Master Ching Hai, fashion designer and Buddhist meditation teacher, you have to admit, the master rivals Tammy Faye Bakker in sartorial flamboyance, and her timing in creating a fast-food chain serving healthy vegan food couldn't be better. Those of us here at SFoodie who are a little lighter in our loafers are huge fans of her many, many looks. About the food we have no comment ― we haven't tasted anything yet. (Thanks to @vegansaurus on Twitter for the tip-off to the opening.)

Loving Hut ground floor food court, San Francisco Centre, 865 Market (at Fifth St.)

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Loving Hut

845 Market, San Francisco, CA

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