Kauffman's Five: This Week in Food Bloggeration

Five things I have learned from this blog and beyond this week:

1. Bite of the week: The lamb and chicken skewers at brand-new Beijing BBQ in the Excelsior. They're like the skewers you buy off Muslim grill stands in China, only made with better meat.

2. The air of relief in the SF Weekly offices is palpable. That's right, the Best of San Francisco issue is out ― with some five dozen items devoted to food and drink ― and we've also wrapped up SFoodie's 92. It's taken four months for us to identify, photograph, and trumpet our favorite dishes in town. If you'd rather not click back and forth through 92 blog posts, SFoodie's Web editor painstakingly combined the SF92 into three: Part 1 (1-30). Part 2 (31-61). Part 3 (62-92). Anyone who wants to turn this list into a Google Map  will earn our admiration for life. Also, treats.

3. This week's restaurant industry scandal centers around Chairman Bao ― a new food truck with good design, corporate backing, and threats of a lawsuit from a New York truck operator who claims first-pun rights. I hear SFoodie editor John Birdsall has more intel on the way.

4. Hoss Zare, chef of Zare at Fly Trap, revealed to our Tamara Palmer that he almost became the San Francisco food world's Mama Cass. Thankfully, the man and his reputation survived.

5. The SF Street Food Festival, SF Cart Project, and Soul Cocina have announced the creation of a cartspotting contest leading up to the festival in August. They're taking nominations for cart dishes to be included in a 50-dish scavenger hunt. So much better than geocaching.

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Zare at Flytrap

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