Kauffman's Five: This Week in Bloggery

Five of my favorite items from SFoodie this week:

1. The paper masala dosa from Udupi Palace in the Mission isn't just a feat of culinary engineering worthy of Grant Achatz, it looks like a prop for Pineapple Express II

2. Some six-seven years ago, Oakland community organizers helped the taco trucks and the fruit sellers work with the county health department to secure a commissary and sell on the street legitimacy. Now a group called Vendadores Unidos, spearheaded by La Cocina, is helping the Mission's hot dog sellers do the same. It's about time.

3. Bite o' the week: I always knew I liked that John Birdsall, but when he deigned to share his coffee-rubbed pulled-pork sandwich from Pal's Takeaway with me, the man put me in his debt forever.

4. Asparagus juice, chile-spiked kombucha, now snap pea and mint sorbet at Absinthe ― is there anything SFoodie's Tamara Palmer won't try? Thankfully, the answer appears to be no.

5. Finding out that Nopalito has scored the recipe for Tommy's margarita and will be replicating it is dangerous news for anyone living near the Panhandle. Discovering that the restaurant's new tequila program will dispense educational shots of rare mezcals and tequilas may result in penury and disgrace for those of us who love the agave.

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