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Namu's Dennis Lee, whose hotness Eater SF once trumpeted.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Ever seen Whatever, Martha? That's the show on Fine Living Network that shows Martha Stewart's daughter Alexis and friend Jennifer Koppelman Hutt watching old clips from mom's show and keeping up a running, scorn-laced commentary.

Well, something similar is shaping up at Inside Scoop online, SF Gate's new daily restaurant blog, a site that leans heavily on guest posts. Today, for instance, there's Namu's Dennis Lee, in an essay he uses to shamelessly flog his own businesses, but not before unloading a huge fuck-you on Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer.


There has been some discussion during the last year or so about how homogeneous the Bay Area restaurant scene is: how "farmer' market cuisine" has taken on a negative connotation because you see the same minimal treatment/interpretation at every restaurant, how every "Japanese" establishment seems to have virtually the same menu, how pizza&pasta almost guarantee you a spot on Michael Bauer's top 100, (and how the hell is MB still considered relevant?), how so many chefs "cop-out" with run of the mill cuisine and top of the line PR machines.
Ouch. Michael Bauer, given a big old bitch-slap on his very own sofa, just like Alexis flaying Martha for wearing grotty mom jeans. Whatever, Michael.

Is it just us who imagines Mr. Bauer in his office with the door closed, Mozart cranked, working on Sunday's review, doing anything but logging onto SFGate?

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