When Butchery Becomes the Main Course

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Dinner-party centerpiece: The goat's head.
​Our favorite morsel from the blogs.

Got your goat: Bay Area Bites' Stephanie Rosenbaum reports on weekend flay-date The Butcher, the Chef, and the Goat, the first in a series of dinner-party collaborations by Avedano's Dave Budworth (Dave the Butcher) and chef Stephanie Hibbert. You know the kind of event it was: Guy takes apart an animal as edutainment ― it's the kind of event that tastes like the current moment, the way key parties defined the 1970s, or ecstasy-munching cuddle parties defined ― well, those never really went out of style here after the demise of the '90s, did they?

What made Rosenbaum's goatfest different is the way the butchering went down as diners nibbled on the animal under dissection. It reminds us of the time we went to visit a friend who'd become a monk at some austere Eastern-rite monastery in the mountains above Ukiah. Long story, but during meals, a monk would read sermons on gluttony, just so nobody would forget themselves and have a good time. God forbid.

Our own times call for hyper-mindfulness about the meat on our plates. Not saying it's a bad thing, just funny, though not ha-ha funny. Maybe that's what we get for entombing meat in Cryovac and overwrapped plastic foam trays: A new kind of sermonizing.

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