Mixing Like a DJ at Mazu

Tamara Palmer
Mazu chef/co-owner Silma Salamin, who's worked in the East Bay kitchens of Ozumo and Mezze, started making bowls filled with a little bit of everything on her menu to feed the hungry DJs (of which this blogger is an occasional one) who spin funk, hip-hop, and soul there four nights a week.

"People started asking what they were and if they could order it," said co-owner (and Silma's sister) KK Salamin, "so we finally thought we should put it on the menu!"

The DJ Rice Bowls ($10-$13) are huge. Each features a choice of protein (tofu, kalbi, or mackerel with bulgogi) and includes a combination of items such as seaweed salad, kimchi, pea shoots, lumpia, and dumplings, with vegetarian options. The use of bowl as vehicle not only allows for a larger quantity of food, it's a nod to how people like to mix up different flavors on their plates. You can completely pig out without making even the slightest mess. It's also a sound choice for those indecisive about the Pan-Asian menu.

It's a balanced and satisfying meal, but we can't guarantee it'll land you any DJ groupies.

Mazu 3809 Geary (at Second Ave.), 221-9800

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3809 Geary, San Francisco, CA

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