Burger Lounge A Bite of Four Seasons Luxury We Can Actually Afford

Tamara Palmer
Duck fat burger (D.F.B.), fries, and Iced Laced coffee ($20 on Sunday and Monday nights).
​We were invited to check out the Burger Lounge, which takes place Sunday and Monday nights from 6-10 p.m. at Seasons Bar and Lounge at the Four Seasons Hotel. On those nights, Chef Mark Richardson offers decadent consolation for the tough week ahead with a choice of five fairly outrageous burgers and an accompanying cocktail, beer, or wine pairing for $20.

Slabs of pork belly braised for 48 hours are draped over a beef patty for a B.L.T. burger, a vehicle so loaded up with buttery fat that fries and condiments aren't necessary. Nothing here for vegetarians, but pescatarians who like to drink like a fish can choose the ahi burger, served with a French Twist of gin, lemon juice, absinthe, and champagne. There's a sirloin burger and a steakhouse burger, but we couldn't take our eyes off the duck fat burger (D.F.B.).

Made with ground American Kobe beef, white Lincolnshire Poacher cheddar cheese, and a confit of shallots, served with fries and aïoli studded with truffles, it just sounded like the best use of our clogging arteries. It comes with a choice of a glass of Chimay Red, Catena Malbec, or an Iced Laced Coffee, a cocktail of Kahlua, Bailey's, Crown Royal, and soda; the latter made for an ideal adult beverage companion, but we still slurped it down like a milkshake.

We've been dreaming about that dangerous D.F.B. ever since we took our last bite. Mixed into the meat, the duck fat yielded such a moist and fluffy burger (even when cooked medium) we needed to savor it in tiny bites with a knife and fork. The D.F.B. and the char-grilled sirloin burger are both available on the regular menu (at $20 and $18, respectively, without a drink). Cocktails are typically $14, which puts the Burger Lounge deal closer to a steal.

Seasons Bar and Lounge The Four Seasons Hotel, 757 Market (at Third St.), 633-3000.

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