Cochon 555 Chefs, Meet Your Hogs

Morgan Maki's hook-up, a Mangalitsa-breed hog.
​We now interrupt your browsing pleasure with an update from the Cochon 555 folks. As they prepare to apply the full heft of their culinary acumen at next weekend's massive pork party, some of San Francisco's most swine-savvy chefs have been introduced to their 140-pound muses. While the two parties have not exchanged e-mail addresses, instant-messaged, or met for lunch in a safe public setting, the people and their heritage breed pigs of destiny have hooked up ― on paper, at least. Lovers of loin, champions of (head)cheese ― here's what the homecoming court looks like for Cochon 555:

• Perbacco's Staffan Terje and a Swabian Hall from Rustik Rooster
• Pizzeria Delfina's Anthony Strong and a Gloucester Old Spot from Clark Summit Farm
• Namu's Dennis Lee and a Yorkshire from Gleason Ranch
• Flour + Water's Thomas McNaughton and a Berkshire/Duroc from Devil's Gulch Ranch
• Bi-Rite's Morgan Maki and a Mangalitsa from Susuin Valley Farm

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