Charlie Trotter Has No Connection to Chairman Bao. Now Who's Gonna Tell Eddie Huang?

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Don't blame Charlie.
​ In the food fight surrounding the launch of mobile vendor Chairman Bao, one thing had us scratching our head. On Wednesday, email newsletter Urban Daddy suggested a connection between Chairman Bao's managing company Mobi Munch and Chicago superchef Charlie Trotter.

"Brought to you by bun-happy minds from Pacific Catch and Charlie Trotter's," Urban Daddy originally reported, "these Chinese delicacies normally reserved for Sunday mornings have now graduated to your lunchtime rotation." As of this afternoon, Urban Daddy had scrubbed its post cleaner than a prepped mussel ― no mention of Trotter. Good thing, since according to Trotter spokeswoman Rochelle Smith Trotter, Charlie hasn't a microgreen's worth of connection with Chairman Bao or Mobi Munch.

Here's most of what Smith Trotter had to say to us via email: "We have No Idea why it has been blogged that we are involved with this company; completely untrue in every aspect. Charlie Trotter has never even heard of Mobi Munch (or the Chairman Bao truck which I've also been asked about). What a horrible rumor this is ... it is completely untrue and there is no association (consultancy/investment or otherwise ) from our end."

Why are we flogging the point? Because the supposed involvement by a high-power chef was one of the things that set off Eddie Huang, the owner of Baohaus in New York City calling for a Chairman Bao boycott on the grounds that they stole his skeez. Here's a blistering snippet from Huang's blog Fresh Off the Boat (clear the kids from the room): "To take my shit, pair it with another streetwear designer/artist, and sell the same shit is just bullshit. Especially if you're all Charlie Trotter already. The fuck you need this for? You already got your paper, FEED THE FUCKING STREETS SOMETHING ORIGINAL."

Ruh-roh. Looks like somebody owes Huang an apology, and it ain't Chairman Bao or Charlie Trotter.

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