Chairman Bao: Baohaus' Calls for Boycott 'Not Worthy of Comment'

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Mobile food development and management company Mobi Munch launched the Chairman Bao truck in SOMA this week.
​That call by Manhattan's Baohaus for a boycott of S.F. food truck Chairman Bao? Today Ray Villaman, a founder of Mobi Munch, the company that launched Chairman Bao, commented today on the so-called baocott by, well, refusing to comment.

Village Voice
Eddie Huang, owner of Baohaus in New York City.
​Reached in Chicago, Villaman said he had no reaction to loud charges by Baohaus owner Eddie Huang that Mobi Munch had ripped off the name of Baohous's signature offering, the Chairman Bao pork belly bun. Huang has called for an apology, and for Chairman Bao to change its name. (Earlier today, Eater SF quoted a PR person for Chairman Bao questioning Huang's grounds for a case. Call us plain old-fashioned, but since when do taco trucks have PR spokespersons?)

As for the baocott, Chairman Bao isn't moved. "I have no reaction," Mobi Munch partner Villaman told SFoodie. "It's not worthy of comment. There's no claim against us, we never received anything from them, there's nothing there."

Huang? Your move, sir.

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