Wine, Street Food, and Anti-Wine Bar DJs Planned for Outside In 4 at Heart

​The Pinoy edition of street food and music party Outside In 3 drew approximately 1,500 people to Mink Bar in Daly City last weekend, according to that event's co-organizer Mixsterious. And we believe it, because it was rammed full during our two-hour tenure in the gluttonous trenches there.

At current count, there are 18 food vendors scheduled to sell at Outside In 4, and renegade wine/art bar Heart (which will host alongside Soul Cocina and Kitchenette) plans to have a suggested wine pairing for each one. We're not sure how that will work in the case of, say, the Egg Cream Cart, but we suspect more than a few people are going to roll with it, clinking their mason jars in support.

DJ B. Cause, DJ Concerned, and this bass-loving blogger will give you the beats to go along with the eats, and we've been instructed to play "anti-wine bar music." In our case, we're already digging in our crates of vinyl for the best in bone-rattling Westside, East Coast, and especially Dirty South goodness.

Find the full food skinny, a video from Outside In 3, and event details after the jump.

Food by:

Urban BBQ
Leif Hedendal
Adobo Hobo
Sour Flour
Slow Jams
Creme Brulee Cart
Magic Curry Kart
Pizza Hacker
Lumpia Cart
Soul Cocina
Venga Empanadas
Gumbo Cart
Forage SF
Egg Cream Cart
Evil Jerk Cart
Toasty Melts
Chile Lindo

Event details:
Outside-In 4
Date: Sun., Apr. 25, 6-10 p.m.
Location: Heart (1270 Valencia at 24th St.)
Cost: Free entry (bring money for food)

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Heart - CLOSED

1270 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

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